DevOps Concepts and Tools

Five keys to DevOps

  • Breaking down the “Wall of Confusion” Between Dev and Ops and expanding agile practices and values from development to operation
  • Usage of configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, CFEngine, Salt or Ansible to automatically provision and configure systems(IaaS)
  • Building continuous Integration and Continuous deployment pipeline to automatically test and push out the code and connecting security and compliance
  • Using Containerization and virtualization technologies likes Docker and Vagrant together with IaaS
  • Running experiments, Creating fast feedback loops and learning from failures

Common DevOps Tool Chain

  • Version Control and Artifact repositories
  • CI/CD tools like Jenkins,TeamCity,Bamboo and Go
  • Static analysis checkers ( ex: SonarQube) and automated test frameworks
  • Security Scanning tools
  • Automated release/Deployment tools
  • Configuration Management tools :Chef, Puppet, CFEngine, Salt and Ansible
  • Containerization and virtualization : Vagrant and Docker
  • Structured data storage text file formats JSON,YAML,XML

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