About the Author

Sanjeewa Alwis                                                                                                        sanjeewa.alwis@gmail.com

Having been recognized as an expert in IT infrastructure Management & IT operations, DevOps Practitioner and technological evangelist, Sanjeewa’s experience is focused in managing various IT engineering teams in dynamic, mission critical and global environments.
He is also the first AWS Certified Solution Architect in Sri Lanka.

Technically skilled across a wide array of technologies applied in a wide array of industries in global teaming scenarios with large, enterprise-scale sized teams. Highly skilled at concepts such as Lean-Agile (SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, XP); DevOps engineering (continuous delivery pipelines using Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Maven, Ant/Nant and more); Cloud Architecture and design (Private(VMWare) and public cloud (Amazon/AWS, Google)); software engineering (RESTful services, NoSQL DB’s and a variety of IDE’s and development platforms).

Also possess broad Experience in Linux/Unix Systems, Middle-ware and Database Management,IT Infrastructure Designer/Architect,Data Center Management (Storage, Network) ,Cloud Solutions,Automation Engineering/Monitoring Solutions,Content Distribution Networks ( Akamai, Cloud front )

Committed to continuous strategic leadership with concepts such as IaaS,PaaS,DevOps to help constituents and consumers maximize investments in IT. Highly skilled at establishing strategic roadmaps to leverage forward thinking concepts as mentioned. Experienced at managing vendor relationships. Responsible for managing IT budgets making sure projections against current spend is continuously revisited, revised as needed to represent current state. Proven track record of acquiring, retaining, growing and mentoring high performing teams via goals/objectives and independent development plan support and ongoing assessments.


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